Friday, October 3, 2008

Feeding Time at the Zoo

These painted storks are fighting for their meals
when the zoo keeper throw the fish to them.

When they got their food, these painted storks will fly away
leaving the others to have their shares to get them.

It was a fast moment of these flying lake birds to get
their catches. And I got this picture using a Canon 1D
mark lll
and a 70-200 mm zoom.


This is an article on Secrets For Creating Tack Sharp Shots by Pat Lye and she would like to share with you the tips how to take a sharp and focus picture.

There are lots of ingredients to making a spectacular photograph, but the most important is for the picture to be in sharp focus. Even the slightest blur takes away from the picture, no matter how good the subject, lighting and color.

Photographers have somewhat varying opinions on what constitutes a tack sharp picture, but generally, a tack sharp photograph has good, clean lines. The picture has clear definition, instead of a soft blending of lines, or even downright blurry.

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting that coveted tack sharp picture.

Hand-Held Digital Photography Tips

If you’re hand-holding your camera, brace your arms against your sides to help steady the camera. If your camera has anti-shake technology such as Vibration Reduction (VR) or Image Stabilization (IS) lens that can be switched on and off, this is the time to have it turned on
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