Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello! These are Chimpanzees

These are the two Chimpanzees,one male and female at the Zoo Negara. To the right is a male chimpanzee it is slightly bigger in size than the female.A fully grown adult male chimpanzee can weigh from 35-70 kilograms (75-155 lb) and stand 0.9-1.2 metres (3-4 ft) tall, while females usually weigh 26-50 kg (57-110 lb) and stand 0.66-1 m (2-3½ ft) tall.

They are inteligent and they know how to use tools to hunt foods. I observe this couple who are in courtship, the female follows the male chimpanzee wherever he goes.

There is another male chimpanzee around but he stays far away from the couple.I think these animals must have an agreement not to disturb when the female chipanzee has been "hooked".

This pictures taken on Canon 1D Mark lll and a Canon 70-200mm

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