Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tiger attack! should the animal be blamed and put to sleep

I took this photo at Zoo Negara in the afternoon. The weather was hot and the tiger wanted to go into the pond to cool his body.

On thursday, a cleaner was killed by three white tigers at Singapore Zoo and it developed into a hot arquement. The tragic incident has received many people different views as reported in the Straits Times Singapore. Some suggested that any animal that kill a man, that animal should be put to sleep.

But some defended the three white tigers and the Zoo as this was not totally of their faults. It has stated NO ONE to be allowed in the enclosure until the animals are in their dens. Not even the keepers who, of all people, would know the tigers’ individual characters/temperaments.

The incident started with the cleaner as he jumped over to the enclosure to provoke the wild animals. But I really feel sorry for this tragic incident that the cleaner was killed such a way.

The Zoo has done all they can to ensure that the tigers don’t get out of their enclosure and start attacking people. If someone chooses to go out of their way to get into the enclosure however… what can the zoo do?


Anonymous said...

No, I don't think any animal in captivity should be killed for killing people.

I hate to think how I would act if I was penned up behind bars for the rest of my life. I wouldn't be very happy with some of the people who took are of me.

It is a beautiful animal.

A lot of people are not as nice as most wildlife.

ChrisY said...

Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for your comment and I agree that the animals in this case should not be blamed for killing the cleaner. After all he jumped over to the enclosure to provoke the animals.

I really like the way you put it-A lot of people are not as nice as most wildlife. Thanks

Sushil said...

First of all we need to think/understand why these animals are there in the zoo/captivity - its all because of us, the so called superior human beings who are more dangerous than these wild animals. After doing so much progress we still kill animals, or force the animals to die... more than this we kill people who belong to our own species.

The reason why a wild animal attacks humans is because we have encroached in their territory, not because they have entered in ours.

Now it really doesn't matter if the tiger jumps the fence and kill a person or they jump in their enclosures and get killed by wild animals...

After all they are wild animals and their instinct is to kill for suvival

-> Sushil